The Boy With The AVENGERS Tattoo

Repost from @k0n_yeezy 7/24/14 (True story.) #LOL

Repost from @k0n_yeezy 7/24/14 (True story.) #LOL

Sunday and Monday.

Sunday I jump out of a plane. Monday I’m going to Disneyland.

Everyone you meet has something to teach you. (via thedailypozitive)

You’re so ambitious, aren’t you? You know what you look like to me, with your good bag and your cheap shoes? You look like a rube. A well scrubbed, hustling rube with a little taste. Good nutrition’s given you some length of bone, but you’re not more than one generation from poor white trash, are you, Agent Starling? And that accent you’ve tried
so desperately to shed: pure West Virginia. What is your father, dear? Is he a coal miner? Does he stink of the lamp? You know how quickly the boys found you… all those tedious sticky fumblings in the back seats of cars… while you could only dream of getting out… getting anywhere… getting all the way to the FBI.

Jodie Foster claims that during the first meeting between Lecter and Starling, Anthony Hopkins’s mocking of her southern accent was improvised on the spot. Foster’s horrified reaction was genuine; she felt personally attacked. She later thanked Hopkins for generating such an honest reaction.

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“Mr. Wonka: “Don’t forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he wanted.”
Charlie Bucket: “What happened?”
Mr. Wonka: “He lived happily ever after.”
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True Detective by Matt Soffe / Blog / Tumblr


True Detective by Matt Soffe / Blog / Tumblr

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